Jane W. McCabe, MS, OTR, CAPS
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Services Jane Can Provide:


  • In-Home Consultations for increasing safety and independence (including recommendations of safety equipment, daily living adaptations and structural modifications as appropriate)

  • Skilled Occupational Therapy treatments in the home for problems with self-care and activities of daily living (ADL) resulting from illness, chronic conditions, injury, surgery, developmental impairments; or cognitive, sensory or physical challenges associated with aging.  Treatments can include:

    • Therapeutic exercise and activities
    • ADL retraining
    • Hand therapy
    • Fabricating splints
    • Adaptive equipment recommendations and training
    • Falls prevention training 
    • Family and caregiver training
    • Joint protection training for arthritis
    • Training in preventing fatigue/ conserving one's energy
    • Training in relaxation and breathing techniques
    • Training in adapting to vision, hearing and perceptual impairments
    • Balance and functional mobility training for ADL

Geographic Areas Covered:
  • Central Texas, within ~1 hour driving distance from Georgetown for short-term treatments or consultations
  • Georgetown and surrounding areas within ~1/2 hour driving distance for longer-term treatment programs